19 February 2010

Pickled Carrots

[and beets, and turnips, and parsnips]

I decided to pickle my carrots. But I went a bit overboard and then just dumped everything in a can and pickled it.

I used this spicy garlic dill pickle brine (from Marisa at Food in Jars).

The good thing is that they turned out amazing. Spicy, garlicky. Crunchy. Everything you could want from a pickle.

The bad thing is that we ate them all, before I remembered to take a picture. I've got more carrots that need to come to a vinegary fate. When I get those pickled I'll get a picture up.

But seriously, if you like pickles with a kick, I'd really really really recommend you try that brine from Marisa. It's my new favorite pickle brine. We also did cucumbers back in the summer with this brine. They were amazing. My absolute favorite.

And I know most people have had pickled beets. But pickled turnips are one of my new favorite pickles. The parsnips weren't bad, just not my favorite.

Also, I really liked the sweeter veggies with this spicy brine the best. I really like the contrast of sweet, spicy, vinegary.

[I'm sorry I forgot to get a picture! I'm still getting the hang of remembering to take pictures constantly.]

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Anonymous said...

Too bad there is no picture. Would have loved to see your pickled carrots.